Edible Oils

Mustard Oil

This oil has a unique pungent flavour; this pungency is caused by allyl isothiocyanate that is present in the oil. Mustard oil has become an essential part of not only our food habits but of our culture.

Think of any Indian pickle and you will find that it contains Mustard oil. It is virtually impossible to make pickle without this particular oil. It has a strong sinus-irritating aroma and a flavourful nutty taste. This oil is widely used for cooking in Northern India, eastern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In north India, it is mainly used in frying fritters. In Nepal and Bengal, it is the traditionally preferred oil for cooking.

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Sarson: A super premium brand introduced by SEPL. It is the first of its kind in the Mustard oil segment. Sarson Premium Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil is mustard oil in its purest for with a guarantee of 25% Pungency which not many Mustard Oil Brands can guarantee. It is crushed from the finest Mustard Seeds produced from the Mustard Rich belt of Rajasthan and it passes through the best crushing process known so as to maintain the correct pungency and quality.