Abhir Gulals

Abhir Gulals

Holi – the festival of coors is also known as Holika, Holika-utsav as Vasant Mahotsav or Kama Mahotsava in the Puranas. Holi is about getting rid of the waste and negative from our lives and home and also about fixing up the period between Holi to Diwali as a time for achieving and setting goals and aims. Holi is also about mindlessly throwing colors at other, shouting and enjoying the many hues of Life.

ZIVAH stands for radiance, brilliance, light, brightness which is clearly evident in the raw materials used. It is 100% SKIN and ECO HEALTH but that of our Mother Earth also. Happy Holi. ZIVAH colors are very pleasantly perfumed and gentle on your skin.

RED: It is considered very AUSPICIOUS in the INDIAN way of LIFE. Red is SHAKTI – the color that embodies action, optimism, life.

YELLOW: Symbolizing – the giving Sun, strength, protective wisdom, of love, of safety, warmth, healing and vitality.

ORANGE: Orange represents movement, warmth, healing and vitality. It is also considered to be the color of HANUMAN the HINDI GOD.

GREEN: Green is the color of life, fertility, hope, rejuvenation and reconstruction.

BLUE/ PURPLE: Blue is the color of sensitivity, serenity, enthusiasm, duty, devotion and dedication. It represents prestige and power, grandeur and greatness.